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Company`s description

We are a Polish company with a long tradition in shop and office fitting. We provide a comprehensive service for individual clients as well as chains of shops – being a manufacturer of furniture we offer a wide range of goods that are available at once for shops of every kind, individual orders are also welcome. We sell goods both wholesale and in detail.
Due to the fact that we possess our own production line, we can fulfil nearly every order. Thanks to the highly qualified team of ABM designers and advisers, individual orders are tailored to personal preferences of the client. We can prepare the general idea of the installation, an interior design, projects of the new furniture and the pricelist.
Objects of the company:
comprehensive customer service, shop & office fitting
furniture manufacturing
retail and wholesale of furniture and accessories
Customers appreciate our:
wide range of products, additional services and care for each client
realization of individual orders
product availability
market knowledge, experience and comprehensive service

Company`s offer

Offer includes:
- metal shelving system
- racks for various branch made of wood and based on metal shelving,
- customer guidance systems,
- cash boxes,
- shop counters,
- showcases,
- shopping trolleys and baskets,
- refrigeration systems,
- clothing systems, racks,
- mannequins and displays,
- scales and slicers,
- equipment and materials for packing,
- furniture accessories.
- Staff and office furniture (desks, cabinets, pedestals, racks),
- metal cabinets - Office and staff,
- swivel and specialist chairs,
- executive chairs,
- warehouse shelving,
- system chrome racks.

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