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Company`s description

Zakład Stolarki Wzorcowej
Self-design Woodwork makes furniture that are individualy designed by the customer. Kitchen and bathroom furniture is made using the customer’s choice technology raging from traditional full wood furniture to modern MDF, veneered or varnished MDF-bent furniture, plywood, laminated chipped board.

Company`s offer

We also make antique furniture replicas using original methods and technologies.
We also render full service in carpentry, that is, door carpentry, stairs, window-sills and so on, upholstering not included.

The quality and professionalism of our services are guaranteed by a required level of teoretical preparation and a 20-year job experience of our working staff.

A novelty of our services is that we offer a fast electronic contact starting from interior design project through pricing to contract and execution.
Examples of some of our designs are available on our webpage www.zsw.com.pl

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