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Company`s description

Importer and service center world-class series of heaters Kerona Special Edition and Professional is the company: MARAX R.Raj Sp.Jawna Partnership based in Poland.

MARAX is a Polish company founded in 1990. Years of work on the Polish and European market and gained experience mean that we offer a world-class product and at the same affordable price. Evidenced by the thousands of our customers, shoppers at our warehouse in Poland, Cracow.

Kerona is currently the best in Europe, oil heaters without a flue. They have by far the best accessories (thermostat, temperature display and error, the division of power in the Professional Series, a massive construction, fuel gauge, large handles and rubber wheels, gauge to adjust the air pressure, strain relief clamp, fuel cap sealed with protection against loss).
Kerona models KFA SE-125, SE-170 Professional KFA and P-5000 are also installed at the outlet of the heater adjustable vertical blind fulfilling two functions: to change the direction of the exhaust stream of warm air and protection against burns people working near the fan.
Kerona heaters Series Special Edition has a distinctive design which, combined with a great color combination of orange and gray gives the device an unprecedented and look pretty. Kerona heaters heat the outside of his role room also add to the charm, as well as provide a positive user.
Kerona heaters are very durable construction and modern technical solutions. Heaters start gently, and their work is exceptionally quiet and smooth even on lower quality fuel.

All of this means that MARAX as exclusive importer and representative of the brand in Poland can give you a guarantee of 2 years. Taking care of the environment and ecology, addiction second year warranty from the paid review, which will perform an authorized service center or center. Annual, which is very cheap to make the device will work all the time on the given parameters: the device will be checked and adjusted if necessary discalibrated nozzle (not spray nozzle discalibrated fuel and oil can cause a loss of up to 50%!) Is replaced by protecting the environment and the users pocket.

We invite you to purchase devices and we are convinced that for many years you will be satisfied with your purchase.

Company`s offer

Kerona - a Korean brand of oil heaters with exceptional quality and design. Characterized by the best value for money, they are well-equipped: a standard thermostat, display *, shared power, the operation lamp, protected against loss of fuel filler cap, large wheels, very robust. Excellent work culture, low noise, smooth switching. Service 2 years paid subject to review one year from the date of purchase.


Switch division of power: 41 kW - 100%, 33kW ~ 80%
Gauge to adjust the air pressure at the pump
temperature Display
Adjustable temperature setting in the room - the thermostat
LED work light
Power Cord
Large rubber wheels - easy to move
Fuel gauge
Two handles for easy movement
Strong and durable construction
Fuel cap with gasket and protection against loss
Easy operation and maintenance
Quiet operation
Drain fuel
Steel fuel tank

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