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Eurokadra S.A. - opis angielski

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Company`s description

Eurokadra group offers comprehensive assistance to employers in the area of recruitment. We work with employees and contractors of Polish and abroad - among others: Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova. The process of recruitment of professionals in a particular field is tedious and requires a lot of commitment. Eurokadra agents take over these responsibilities from the employer. In process of acquiring competent employee we operate not only in recruitment, but also the direct search and headhunting. We provide qualified employee through the careful selection carried out consisting manual tests and assessment center, verification of education, competence and abilities of the candidate. We analyze his professional experience and references.

By creating Eurokadra our goal was to organize a multifaceted co-operation between employers, employees and agencies. We have established relations which allow to achieve the invaluable benefits both by company and employed. Appropriate agreement between them results in the optimization of employment costs by employer and gaining new skills and experience by the employee. All this we have already achieved - thanks to the efforts, commitment and experience.

Determinants of activity of Eurokadra Company are versatility services and maintaining long-term cooperation. Temporary Employment Agencies and Personnel Consultancy operate in areas of various industries. We work with well-known brands as well as local entrepreneurs. Vision of the company also includes its constant development. We are trying to build with our partners long-term relations based on trust. These are possible thanks to the experience, known brand and comprehensive services. In addition, our business guided by the idea solid work. We make every effort to ensure that employee, which we recommend, was knowledgeable and professional.

Eurokadra mediates in obtaining employees and offers outsourcing services. Purpose of activity: Temporary Employment Agency and Personnel Consultancy we perceive in two ways. On the one hand it is for the employer getting a competent employee who meets the requirements of his new job. On the other hand, it is to provide opportunities for employed, who can expand their knowledge and skills, gain work experience. Eurokadra agents by mediate in employment of worker realize both of these two goals. In addition Eurokadra proposes outsourcing services, under which assists the emploer in numerous activities.

Company`s offer

Employee leasing
Employee leasing is becoming increasingly popular method of employment. Services run by Eurokadra in its range bring both sides many visible and measurable economic and organizational benefits.

What is employee leasing?

Employee leasing consists in hire workers by the company to another operator under Article. 1741. Labour Code. As a result of an agreement between the parties employee agrees to perform certain duties within the prescribed period. This solution is beneficial for both companies. The parent company does not have to bear the costs of social insurance, salary or income tax. Rental company on the other hand acquires qualified personnel with rich experience. It is worth mentioning that the staff leasing is different from temporary work. The employer in this case becomes a company with which the employee make employment relation for a limited time, while in the case temporary work the employer is a native temporary employment agency.

Employee in leasing system

Employee makes employment relation as a result of the consent in written and agreement made by companies. In pursuance thereof shall be created an employment contract, in which shall set out new responsibilities. The employee is therefore aware of the type of work and ordered tasks. Leased employee is subjected to provisions of the Labour Code. By the time of his hiring employment relation with the parent company takes the form of unpaid leave, which is included in the work experience. The new employer provides an employee a contract of employment. It allows the application for leave and to benefit from sick leave. Employee during the rental period has full rights to their contract of employment law.

Employee leasing contact

Execution of an agreement between the employers takes the form of a contract of rental. It should contain the following information:

the period of work of employees in the company, which uses the lease,
the type of work and the character of contracted duties,
amount of remuneration for the leased employee.

Personnel - payroll service and business tax consulting

Eurokadra offers professional personnel- payroll service for companies. We support our partners comprehensively in the field of tax, representing their interests and explaining the intricacies of tax law. Supporting entrepreneur and relieving him in these activities, we enable him to focus on other aspects of the enterprise.

Our offer of service in the area of tax advisory includes:

representation of taxpayers at tax authorities,
representation of taxpayers at the court,
editing explanations and appeals against decisions of tax authorities,
preparing advice, opinions and explanations in the field of tax liabilities.

Human resources services offered by Eurokadra group includes:

keeping records of personnel documentation, absenteeism records, periodic examinations OHP training,
preparation of documents relating to employment relationship, personnel reports,
determining entitlements to leaves and severance pay, compensations, equivalents,
providing data and giving explanations on matters covered by the service provided in the course of inspection of Labour Inspectorate and The Social Insurance Institution.

Payroll service includes:

calculation of salaries, severance pay, compensation and cash equivalents, grants and benefits paid to employees due contributions and income taxes,
determining entitlement to grants and financial benefits due to staff,
preparation of settlements with the Social Insurance Institution and Tax Office and reports, statements - sending them to the competent authorities,
conducting among others paid records, grants, employee records of debts,
providing data and Giving explanations on matters covered by the service provided during the inspection of the Social Insurance Institution and Tax Office

We also offer services in the field of creating payroll:

preparation of payroll - calculation of wages under the various agreements,
calculation of income tax payments from individuals,
calculating social security contributions,
preparation of tax declarations and the Social Insurance declarations,
running pay cards,
preparation of annual information about obtained income and collected advance payments,
for income tax from individuals,
annual tax treatment of employees who, in accordance with the law if employee requested so,
electronic or papery preparation of transfers,
preparing payslips and information of Social Insurance Institution contributions for employees.